Join us and set an example for more innovation, sustainability and energy efficiency in the real estate/ construction industry.
  • Health
    Do something good for your mental and physical health and walk or jog the 6km route at your own pace. You can determine the running route yourself thanks to a tracking app.
  • Talking points
    As efficient and convenient as home offices can be, we crave social interaction and good conversation. Whether in virtual or physical buying breaks, the Global Real Estate Run offers entertaining conversation.
  • Generational friendliness
    For every person who participates, we make a sustainable contribution that you can help determine in the future. So far, we have planted one tree for every km completed. Learn more here.
  • Innovation
    The real estate industry is responsible for around 30-40 percent of all greenhouse emissions. This proportion must be reduced quickly and efficiently. With the Global Real Estate Run, we are drawing attention to organizations, technologies and innovative solutions that are helping to achieve this goal.
  • Community spirit
    Don't we all miss experiencing something together? Whether virtually or physically, participation in the Global Real Estate Run connects and awakens a sense of community in you, your team and strengthens the relationship between organizations and their stakeholders (employees, their families, customers, shareholders, etc.).
  • 100% planning reliability
    Done with the planning uncertainties for team and corporate events. The Global Real Estate Run is a pandemic and crisis resistant event format. Participation can be solo or in groups regardless of location or location.